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Welcome to the first day of school for 2017!  We are really looking forward to meeting all of our new students and welcoming back our returning students to Campbell High School! #MyFirstDay2017

My First Day

Welcome to Campbell High School

Campbell High School enjoys an enviable position, situated at the base of Mount Ainslie, next to the Australian War Memorial and only minutes to the CBD. It is a welcoming space which combines traditional architecture with contemporary elements of education.

This year 7 - 10 school was founded in 1965 and has an enrolment of 730 students.

2017 School Board - Election of P&C Member

*** P&C Member Election closes at 11:00am next Monday 27 February 2017 ***

At the close of nominations, we have been able to fill the vacant Staff Member position and two vacant Student Member positions on the School Board without the need for an election.

We will need to hold an election to fill the one vacant Parents and Citizens Member position.

The voting period for this election will commence at 11:00am on Monday 20 February 2017 and will close at 11:00am on Monday 27 February 2017.

The four candidates who have nominated for this position have provided a brief statement to introduce themselves to the school community. The statements can be found on the 2017 School Board Elections page.

Further details on how to vote are provided on the 2017 School Board Elections page and in the February Bagpipe (school newsletter).

Should you have any queries, please contact the Assistant Returning Officer, Rob Emanuel on 02 6142 3166 or email

2017 Enrolments

Open Night is Tuesday 17th May 2016 at 6:00pm. Online enrolments for 2017 will open 8.00am Tuesday 26th April, closing midnight Friday 27th May, 2016.

For 2016 enrolments, please contact the Deputy Principal. All applications for enrolment are through an online format via the Education Directorate's website. For more information on enrolments, please see our enrolment page and our 2016 School Enrolment Management Plan .

For more information, including student and teacher testimonials, please see our 2017 Prospectus Handbook.

Office Max back to school student forms for 2017:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10

Year 10 - College Enrolment for 2017

Online enrolments for 2017 Year 11 students opened at 8.00am Tuesday 26th April and will close midnight Friday 27th May, 2016.

Year 10 students and their families are encouraged to attend a number of college open nights to find out more about courses and programs offered so that they can make an informed enrolment choice.

Dickson College (our local college) is holding an Open Night on Thursday 26th May 2016 at 6:00pm.

The date and times for other college open nights are available here.

2016 Year 10 Leadership

The Year 10 Leadership Biographies includes a short self-introduction and photo for all students in the Year 10 Leadership Group. These students are there to support and be the voice for the entire student body. Please remember these faces and encourage your children to seek them out at any time should they need help or just a friendly face in the school.


Campbell High introduced the new BYOD Policy in 2016 to connect students to our digital learning community. Campbell High, along with the ACT Education Directorate, is committed to providing students with reliable access to ICT so that learning can occur whenever and wherever. For further information, please visit the ACT Education Directorate's website.

Literacy at Campbell

At Campbell High School, we focus on improving literacy to improve student communication in all its many forms. The Literacy Handbook has been created to assist and support ALL students to achieve the best possible results when completing classwork and homework. The BSSS handbook "What's plagiarism? How you can avoid it" contains comprehensive information including examples on Harvard bibliographies and in-text citations. This will assist students in the creation of essays, scientific reports and articles.

Text Type Book

Here is the Campbell High School's Text Type Book that you can use when completing assignments and homework. Before you write and submit your 'good copy' make sure you have used correct text type format and edited your work. Use this booklet as a reference so that you can produce work that is at your best. If you have any questions or need assistance in using this Text Type Book please contact Susan Daintith or your classroom teacher.

Homework Wheel

Campbell High's Homework Wheel - how to maximise your child's learning at home.

Sometimes your child may not have homework, in fact research suggests that traditional homework is not a productive learning tool for young people in the 21st century.

We have created this simple framework to assist you in developing your child's whole self through a never ending process (the wheel). The wheel considers 21st learning skills [communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity] to optimise their big picture learning. If your child suggests they have no homework, please refer to the Homework Wheel to guide further conversation.

Any feedback you may have on our Homework Wheel is appreciated.

Homework Wheel

Campbell Ramble

A podcast from the Campbell Ramble team that was created on and for Open Night 2016 for the parents of potential students. This podcast discusses the highlights for Year 7 in each faculty and a chat with next years Year 7 Co-ordinator, Ms Jane Barrett.

The Campbell ramble is a fortnightly podcast for Campbell students and their families to listen to at home, or on the way to school.

It features segments such as;

Upcoming events

Daily notices

Chat with a teacher

Mystery Student Talent Time

The music quiz

Joke of the week

2017 Enrichment Online SelectionSSO

Students will sign up for 2017 Term 1 enrichment using the Subject Selection Online (SSO) website.

Enrichment takes place period 4 every Thursday.

Enrichment sign up will be on Monday 6th February at 6PM. Everything will be emailed to your School GMail account and parent emails. Questions to the Enrichment Team in the Design Technology Faculty F103


Campbell High School looking after staff and student wellbeing.

Medical Consent Form For All Excursions

Please use this form for all excursions where students are travelling further than walking distance from the school:

Medical Consent Form

The ACT Education Directorate's Policy for Insurance and Ambulance Cover can be found on our Policies and Guidelines page.

School Uniform

Our school uniform is important to us. Our uniform policy is endorsed by the School Board, supported by the P&C and is something we work to uphold. The wearing of uniform unites our student community as a whole group.

This is the link to our uniform page.

Staff Absence App

This link is for Campbell Staff only. It allows access to the absences application.

This is the link to our Absences Application.

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