Campbell High School

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2019 Campbell High School Board Elections

2019 Appointments to the Campbell High School Board

We have received confirmation of appointments to vacant positions on the School Board.  These appointments will commence on April 1 2019.

Congratulations to:

  • Melanie Walker - Student Member (12 months) - Elected unopposed
  • Daniela Velasquez Peral Student Member (12 months) - Elected unopposed

We thank the following members who have served the School Board and whose appointment concludes on 31 March 2019:

  • Sophie Duve - Student Representative
  • Gereon Gatzen-O'Keefe - Student Representative
  • Steve Lindner - Teacher Representative

Notice of Election for Parent and Citizen Member on the 2019 School Board

In my role as the Assistant Returning Officer, I wish to announce that there are no vacant positions for Parents/carers P&C Member Position on the School Board for 2019.

Caitlin Horan

Assistant Returning Officer

For more information about the School Board Election process, please contact the Assistant Returning Officer, Caitlin Horan on 02 6142 3166 or email

The School Board Manual outlines policy, processes and procedures regarding School Boards and is available for download from the ACT Education Directorate website.

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