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Head of Faculty: Steve Crabb

Year 7

Year 7 students (who are not in the Year 7 Band) study for two separate terms in school selected Art courses. The other two terms are similarly experienced in timetabled Design and Technology classes. Year 7 students who enrol in the Band program do so for the whole year. Opportunities for Band students to experience shorter "tasters" of other Art and Design and Technology courses are timetabled for one lesson a week, dependent upon staff and room availability.

Art courses offered to Year 7 students include: Visual Arts (2D + 3D), Drama and Media Arts.


Art course elective choices are available for students in Years 8, 9 and 10, and are made online in advance of each school year's commencement. Detailed descriptions and necessary costing are provided regarding all courses offered at the time of selection. These elective courses all run over two terms (one semester) at a time.

Year 8

Year 8 students enrol in one Arts course for a whole semester. The second semester elective, in each year, is selected from a list of semester long Design and Technology courses.

Arts courses offered to Year 8 include: Visual Arts, Band (whole year), Music Workshop, Media Arts and Drama.

Years 9 and 10

As student's progress in their learning, opportunities are provided to allow Year 9 and 10's to pursue interests and specialisations. To assist with this a wider range of electives are offered in The Arts. In some classes there are combined Year 9 and 10 student groupings, while others are year group specific. The units offered are dependent upon both staff availability and student numbers, as class sizes must be sufficient to ensure viability.

Arts courses currently offered to Year 9 and 10 students include: Ceramics, Art1 (foundation), Art Open, Drawing and Painting, Art Portfolio, Year 10 Music, Year 9 Music, Music Media Projects, Senior Band, Comedy and Tragedy, Drama Workshop, Media Arts, and Digital Photography.

Arts Facilities and Resources

Digital video editing and photography suite
Graphic Design digital studio using industry relevant Adobe software
Mac Lab to create multi-track recordings and compositions
Drama studio and school hall facilities with audio and lighting systems
Keyboard Laboratory
Sound Recording Studio
Individual music tuition
Specialised ceramics studio

Extra-Curricular Activities

Showcasing student work is an integral part of the Arts curriculum which helps to celebrate our students' creativity and achievements. Campbell High School is widely recognised for its creative and technically excellent presentations and performances. Our students have successfully competed and received many awards in community and national competitions.

Many students enjoy using the Arts facilities during school breaks and after school. All Campbell students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and community presentations and competitions.These include:

  • Campbell High School's own Arts Festival
  • School and community presentation events
  • Combined school Arts shows such as musicals, major drama productions
  • Art excursions and theatre visits
  • Visual arts and media competitions
  • Band competitions such as National Eisteddfod
  • Community performances such as Floriade and National Youth Week
  • The Merimbula Jazz Festival
  • Limelight Spectacular
  • Music tuition program
  • Advanced music ensembles; including jazz and classical programs
  • Choir and singing groups/Enrichment
  • Challenge Program and The Arts

Enrolling within the Campbell High School Challenge Program is another way that students can further explore and engage with their development and expression through the Arts. Challenge Programs are available for Visual Arts, Media Arts, Drama and Music.

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