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Challenge Program

The Challenge Program at Campbell High School has been developed to expand the skills of those students who demonstrate a high level of ability in particular areas. Through this extensive program they are encouraged to develop their knowledge and abilities in their chosen field, with a strong emphasis on commitment and achievement as well as personal growth. The program is open to all students in year 7 to 10, with registration being held in Term 1.

Students can be enrolled in any number of awards in a particular year, but must ensure that they satisfy the individual requirements for each award.

Students involved in the Challenge Program are encouraged to involve themselves in a number of school and national based competitions held at the school every year.  These include competitions in English, mathematics, engineering, history, geography, and languages. In addition, students can participate in a competitive environment with other students in the region through involvement in representative sport, the Tournament of Minds and a range of debating activities.

There are also additional opportunities for students to be involved in a number of non-competitive programs and creative talent displays such as Artsfest and Dancefest.

Each Challenge Award has specific requirements. We invite all students to challenge themselves and   enrol in one or more of the awards on offer.

Students may elect to participate in Challenge Awards across a number of subject areas.

English Challenge 

Complete enough Challenge tasks to equal at least fifteen (15) points at a minimum C average

  • Achieve an ‘A’ grade average in both semesters 10 points
  • Achieve a ‘B’ grade average in both semesters 8 points
  • Participate in the ICAS Writing and/or English competition 2 points per competition
  • Participate in some of the following: Tournament of Minds, Debating, Chief Ministers Reading Challenge, Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition, What Matters and Write Now. 2 points per competition
  • Attend Writers’ Camp and submit a piece of work for the Writers Camp publication.  3 points

Languages Challenge

  • Achieve an A or B grade in both semesters
  • Participate in the ACER, French Alliance or Language Perfect Competitions
  • Assist with 3 or more hours of tutorials for language students
  • Active and positive participation in school events such as Harmony Day, Open Night.

Mathematics Challenge

  • Both the maths competitions – Australian Mathematics Competition and ICAS maths
  • Participate in one of the following options: Tournament of Minds, Campbell Primary numeracy day (limited spots available), Interschool maths competitions – i.e ACT Maths Challenge Day  (limited spots available), Personal challenge project
  • 1 term of maths based enrichment – i.e. Maths Help, Homework and Assignment Help, Letters and Numbers, Challenge Enrichment (note: enrichment options are not run every term).
  • All mymathsonline homework modules completed to at least 60%

Science Challenge

  • Receive confirmation from your class room teacher of your positive approach to your Science Studies.
  • Achieve a satisfactory grade for Science in both semesters.
  • Participate in the following: Rio Tinto Big Science Competition and The Australian National Chemistry Quiz.
  • Participate in one Science Enrichment (for a minimum of one term) or equivalent time spent on an external science associated community project (please seek approval ASAP).

Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) Challenge

Complete enough Challenge tasks to equal at least fifteen (15) points at a minimum C average

  • Achieve an ‘A’ grade average in both semesters 10 points
  • Achieve a ‘B’ grade average in both semesters 8 points
  • Participate in the Social Science section of Tournament of the Minds 2 points
  • Participate in one of the following: Competition Debating; Interschool Parliamentary Debating; the ANZAC Day Schools’ Awards, the Simpson Prize or the Anzac Spirit Prize 2 points
  • Participate in the organisation of ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day assemblies 2 points per event
  • Participate in two or more SoSE related competitions: History competition or Geography competition 2 points per competition

Sports Challenge (Mr Gray)

  • Achieve an A or B grade in both semesters
  • Represent the school in at least 3 sports throughout the year
  • Participate in 3 events in the schools Aquatics carnival and Athletics carnival (please note that if for any reason you cannot participate in these carnivals, alternative arrangements can be made with the Sports Challenge Coordinator)
  • Be an ACT or National sports representative or significantly contribute to community sports coaching, Dancefest, run the sports equipment hire for at least one term or an alternative approved by the Sports Challenge Coordinator
  • Compete in the cross-country race

Visual/Media Arts Challenge

  • Be enrolled in a Campbell High School Visual Art /Media Arts /Tech Class
  • Achieve an A or B grade in Visual Art or Media within the year.
  • Solve long problem from the Olympics of the visual arts. (To select your task see the Arts staffroom.)
  • Student’s long problem task must be on display at Art fest 2018.

Music Challenge - Band

  • Be enrolled in a Campbell High School Band program, a music elective, or 4 terms of music enrichment
  • If applicable, achieve a ‘B’ grade or higher in all music classes
  • Contribute to the musical life of the school and/or wider school community – for example, participate in a band, ensemble or solo act within the school, contribute to short performances at (or associated with) the school. This may also include the musical soirĂ©e, performances at awards and presentation nights or school open nights or other special school functions (as negotiated with the Music Challenge coordinators).
  • Meet all criteria set in the Music Challenge Major Project. Details of this major project can be obtained from Mr Cusick or Ms Brown in the Arts Staffroom.

Drama Challenge

  • Audition for and perform in the major production.
  • Develop NIDA audition pieces.
  • Attend lunchtime Drama Challenge sessions once a week on Thursday Long Break.
  • Show leadership in fostering the Drama community at Campbell. This could include: Mentoring other students, entering in festivals and competitions, creating performance art or street theatre around the school, or presenting at Assembly or Arts Fest, integrating with Media to create short films, etc.

Leadership Challenge – Year 10 leaders only

Complete enough Challenge tasks to equal at least ten (10) points

  • Be an active member of the Campbell High School Leadership Team, SRC or be a representative on the School Board 3 points
  • Be involved in at least 3 leadership activities throughout the year, 2 points per activity
  • Organise or take significant responsibility for one leadership activity throughout the year 3 points
  • Demonstrate initiative and community spirit 1 point
  • Conduct yourself as an excellent ambassador for the school 2 points

Pathways Challenge – Year 10 only

This challenge is open to year 10 students only. However, some criteria completed in year 9 may count towards the challenge tally. Students must demonstrate a clear and related focus in each element of this challenge. An example of this might be: alternate program in automotive skills followed by work experience in the same area and then careful consideration of college subjects to reflect these goals.  Other choices may include alternate programs, VET courses, White Card and Asbestos Awareness training and/or Responsible Service of Alcohol training.

  • Complete at least one work experience placement in 2017 and/or 2018
  • Complete Student Pathways document and college application demonstrating a pathway between planned study and career path or towards an apprenticeship in their chosen field
  • Complete an alternate VET program related to your planned career pathway.
  • Attend careers Enrichment to complete your resume
  • Attend the Careers Expo in August
  • Complete White Card and Asbestos Training, RSA or attend Pathways excursions such as Animal Day Out or Defence Force
  • Complete an Alternate Program such as Automotive, Child Care or Hairdressing Skills
  • Participate in an ASBA or Traineeship

Community Challenge

  • Receive a Principal’s award after achieving 15 students merit certificates.
  • Be involved in at least 2 fundraising events throughout the year (one will need to be at school)
  • Will be involved in a mentoring/buddy program within the school.
  • Will identify an area or project within the school that they would like to maintain or be involved in (recycling, litter collection, lunch time groups).
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