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Year_10_English_Semester_1_2017_Extension_M_Foster.pdf pdfsmall (241.2 KB)
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Year_10_English_Semester_1_Core_MULDOON.pdf pdfsmall (191.9 KB)
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Year_7_English_Semester_1_Core_MULDOON.pdf pdfsmall (189.2 KB)
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Year_7_Fr_Sood_sem_1_2017.pdf pdfsmall (139.4 KB)
Year_7_French_LHostis_2017.pdf pdfsmall (146.9 KB)
Year_7_Japanese_Semester_1_Unit_Outline_2017.pdf pdfsmall (163.6 KB)
Year_8-_Language_and_culture_SOOD.pdf pdfsmall (222.8 KB)
Year_8_English_Semester_1_2017_Core_M_Foster.pdf pdfsmall (241.3 KB)
Year_8_English_Semester_1_Core_BELL.pdf pdfsmall (223.3 KB)
Year_8_English_Semester_1_Core_Dorras-Walker.pdf pdfsmall (197.3 KB)
Year_8_English_Semester_1_Core_Maniatis.pdf pdfsmall (196.1 KB)
Year_8_English_Semester_1_Core_MULDOON.pdf pdfsmall (195.9 KB)
Year_8_English_Semester_1_Extension_SHIPP.pdf pdfsmall (197.6 KB)
Year_8_Fr_Core_Sood_sem_1_2017.pdf pdfsmall (142.8 KB)
Year_8_Fr_Immersion_Lange_sem_1_2017.pdf pdfsmall (142.6 KB)
Year_8_Immersion_LHostis_2017.pdf pdfsmall (147.3 KB)
Year_8_Japanese_Semester_1_Unit_Outline.pdf pdfsmall (163.6 KB)
Year_8_Languages_and_Culture_LHostis_2017.pdf pdfsmall (138.2 KB)
Year_9_and_10_ESL_Semester_1_Mayne.pdf pdfsmall (282.9 KB)
Year_9_English_Semester_1_2017_Extension_M_Foster.pdf pdfsmall (251.5 KB)
Year_9_English_Semester_1_Core_Dorras-Walker.pdf pdfsmall (183.9 KB)
Year_9_English_Semester_1_Core_Mayne.pdf pdfsmall (183.6 KB)
Year_9_English_Semester_1_Core_MULDOON.pdf pdfsmall (187.6 KB)
Year_9_English_Semester_1_Extension_Mayne.pdf pdfsmall (182.2 KB)
Year_9_Fr_Lange_sem_1_2017.pdf pdfsmall (143.2 KB)
Year_9_Japanese_Semester_1_Unit_Outline_2017.pdf pdfsmall (157.9 KB)

English Curriculum

Head of Faculty: Debbie Dwyer


In English, students have opportunities to:

  • read widely for pleasure
  • write effectively in a range of forms
  • speak formally and informally for different purposes and audiences
  • listen reflectively to others
  • learn to use and value different literacies, such as critical literacy and visual literacy
  • work independently and in groups
  • share their ideas and skills with others
  • participate in a range of activities  such as writing competitions, Writers' Camp, debating and theatre performances

Wide varieties of texts are utilised including novels, poetry, short stories, newspapers, advertising materials, film, video and live performances.  Novels cover a range of topics, issues and settings of particular interest to adolescents, including cyber-bullying, environmental concerns and personal journeys.  We take advantage of opportunities to purchase multi-cultural texts and maintain a diverse collection from modern classics to recent Australian fiction.

English classes at Campbell High School are not streamed and our teachers are experienced at differentiating learning opportunities and assessment programs to meet individual students' needs. However, an Excel class is available in years 7 and 8 to support students who require targeted scaffolding of literacy, and places are available in Extension classes in years 8, 9 and 10 for students with particular gifts and talents in language arts.


The Australian Curriculum English

English plays an important part in developing the understanding, attitudes and capabilities of those who will take responsibility for Australia's future and the English curriculum at Campbell High School relies heavily of the Australian Curriculum and its achievement standards.

Although Australia is a linguistically and culturally diverse country, participation in many aspects of Australian life depends on effective communication in Standard Australian English. In addition, proficiency in English is invaluable globally. The Australian Curriculum: English contributes both to nation-building and to internationalisation.

The Australian Curriculum: English also helps students to engage imaginatively and critically with literature to expand the scope of their experience. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have contributed to Australian society and to its contemporary literature and its literary heritage through their distinctive ways of representing and communicating knowledge, traditions and experience. The Australian Curriculum: English values, respects and explores this contribution. It also emphasises Australia's links to Asia.

For more information on the Australian Curriculum: English and the Achievement Standards you can visit the ACARA website.


Languages Curriculum

The languages curriculum at Campbell High School provides students the opportunity to develop language proficiency through a four-year sequential program. This continuity allows our students to pursue college language studies at intermediate or advanced levels. Our courses are therefore a part of a continuum of language studies that may start in primary school and go through to university. In years 7 and 8 students must study either French or Japanese.


Benefits of learning a language

  • allows us to communicate in the language learned
  • gives us a better understanding of how languages work, including English
  • helps us appreciate other cultures
  • promotes cross-cultural tolerance
  • broadens our career opportunities
  • enhances our intellectual development



Our course is a fun, interactive course designed for high school students. It unfolds in a sequential manner that allows students to build on their acquired knowledge year after year. Students learn vocabulary and grammatical constructions through practical themes appropriate to their level. Teachers design extra handouts to supplement the vocabulary and grammar supplied in the textbook. Songs and short poems are used to teach pronunciation in an entertaining manner. The cultural assignments allow students the chance to "visit" France. They are taught how to organise their research, use the library resources and the internet to obtain current information and to take notes and record bibliographical details.



The Japanese course is based on Obento textbooks. Each text is an up to date course specifically designed to appeal to Australian high school students. The language for each unit is presented in humorous comic form through a topic or story. The unit follows a logical and familiar pattern that allows the language to develop progressively from year 7-10. The hiragana script is taught immediately and students will be able to read and write hiragana within a few months. Supplementary resources such as tapes, videos, computer programs, games and worksheets enhance the learning process. Our students have a lot of fun trying out their language skills and making new friends. Students complete major cultural assignments using extensive library and computer resources.

An understanding of Japan and Japanese culture is integral to the course. The courses ensure progressive development following a familiar pattern and provide a solid basis for higher studies. The study of Japanese in years 9 and 10 builds on the work completed in earlier years. The four semester units are sequential and students selecting Japanese are expected to study the language for a full year.



Trips to France and Japan are seen as an integral part of our language program and occur yearly on a rotational basis. These trips give students an incentive to study because they can look forward to using the language in context at some stage whilst at Campbell High School.

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