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The reason to have an Enrichment Class is to allow our students to make connections with members of the community whom they may not normally work with; to give an opportunity to contribute to creating a positive and supportive environment; and to explore new interests and learn new skills.

In Semester 1, 2018, Enrichment will be strengthened by adding an element of ‘Service Learning’ to the rationale and by honouring the impact that our young people can have by increasing Enrichment to a full 90 minutes per week.  A significant number of studies demonstrate that students engaging in Service Learning in the high school years have higher rates of graduation, achieve better academic results and have improved mental health outcomes.  There are also links to higher levels of ‘civics’ engagement and an increase of young people who believe they can have a positive impact on their society.

Service Learning takes many forms and can involve actions at the very localised (i.e. within a classroom or school) through to the international level.  Enrichment offerings will therefore fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have a clear link to improving connection between members of the group (for example, provide significant opportunities for conversation or communication; shared planning, etc.)
  • Have a group ‘goal’ (for example, to make a certain number of an item; to develop a social justice campaign about an issue; to run a fundraising event; to contribute to another organisation; to identify a problem and find a solution)

What it means for our school

This means that our Enrichment activities can range from designing and making new trophies for our House Events and Presentation Awards; to knitting booties for hospitals; to being a club which raises awareness of mental health issues across the school and creates term long campaigns; to a Music Group which uses the time to rehearse and then performs in the courtyard a few times a term; to an Art Club which beautifies the school… it can be for a Sustainability Club which gets time and support to run campaigns… or an Innovation Club which identifies a problem and makes an app or an invention or an approach to fixing this!  It could be a Sporting Group that really focuses on inclusion in the sports that are played so that all group members can be successful, a peer tutoring group, the leadership group… The possibilities are endless.  Our thinking has been guided by the 2017 United Nations 17 Goals for Sustainable Development which I encourage you to look at:

Some of the Enrichment Courses in 2018 included:

  • Audiobook Creators
  • Board Games
  • Cooking Club
  • CREST Science
  • Gardening Club
  • Goodwin Village Team
  • History Team
  • Inclusive Ed. Club
  • Innovations STEM Club
  • Landcare Team
  • League Tag: Full Competition Structure
  • Mountain Bike Team
  • Music Group
  • No Poverty Team
  • Past-Time: Time-Team CBLH
  • Promotions and Events Team
  • TED Talks
  • Recycle Build and Create Club
  • Sister School Partnerships – Japan
  • Sports Inclusion Team
  • Student Leadership Group
  • Sustainability Team
  • Textiles and Handicrafts
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