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Gifted and Talent Program

The Campbell High School Gifted and Talented program was established in 2015 and operates across all year levels.

Gifted and Talented Identification Policy

Campbell High School uses a variety of methods to identify students who may be gifted or talented. This is because the school recognises that no single measure can be a comprehensive overview of a students’ capability and consequently, we prefer a holistic approach.

To that end, the school employs a mixture of quantitative measures, such as analysis of NAPLAN and the ACER Australian General Ability Tests, in combination with the qualitative “Perdue” scales that are completed by the teachers and parents/guardians.  Any psychological evaluations of the student that have been shared with the school by parents/guardians are also taken into account.

Students are evaluated in year seven or on arrival into the school in higher year levels. Another evaluation of a student can be requested later by the parents.

Based on an evaluation of the student, decisions are made as to if they would benefit from extension in a specific set of subjects after year seven, inclusion in an optional extra-curricular broad- spectrum gifted class called “Enlighten”, more directed extra-curricular activities, or in some circumstances acceleration through year group settings.

Parents or Guardians who are interested in the process should email the school’s Gifted and Talented coordinator at the start of the academic year to request a “Perdue” scale. Once completed, the scale is returned to the school.  Decisions regarding placement of students in the “Enlighten” program will be made towards the end of the first term.

Enlighten Program

The Enlighten program follows an integration model – that is, students remain in mainstream classes, but will come together as a group once a week to work together in a ‘metacognition’ class. This allows for Pastoral care and enables the school to identify any academic or well-being concerns affecting our enlighten students in a timely manner.

Differentiation can take place through a combination of altered assessment items, Enlighten 'Personal Learning Projects', extension classes and advancement if appropriate.

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