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Mathematics Curriculum

Head of Faculty: Will Sheppard

The mathematics program at Campbell High School aims to promote a positive attitude towards mathematics and its relevance to students both personally and in their community. The program gives students the opportunity to develop a sound understanding of mathematics and its processes by following the Australian Curriculum.

Year 7

The year 7 courses cover the basic skills of mathematics and enable students to be numerate in our society as well as preparing them for further high school mathematics studies.

Years 8 and 9

In years 8 and 9, the course is structured to accommodate the range of students in each cohort. The year 8 and 9 courses cover the basic skills of mathematics and enable students to be numerate in our society as well as preparing them for further mathematical enquiry.

Year 10

In year 10, all students will study a common core program. This program provides students with the opportunity to study mathematics in different levels of depth.  Students can follow a 10 or 10A program of study which cover topics which prepare students for tertiary level mathematics at college.  The 10A program leads to a further study of mathematics as needed in heavily mathematics based college courses such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematical Methods to Specialist Mathematics.  High achieving students have an opportunity to be selected for the 10A course.

Mathematics Tutorials

A formalised mathematics tutorial session is available to all students through the Enrichment program. It is designed to give those students who require extra help in mathematics the opportunity to work through problems with a teacher in a smaller group.  The mathematics faculty also offers lunch time support one day per week.

Mathematics Competitions

Students at Campbell High School have the opportunity to compete in a number of national mathematics competitions including the Computational and Algorithmic Competition, ICAS Mathematics Competition and the Australian Mathematics Competition. Students who have an interest in the creative understanding of mathematics can also join the mathematics and engineering section of the Tournament of Minds.

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

Each year, the school purchases the online version of the Pearson Maths textbook.  This is a great resource and has numerous features that will help your child master the concepts covered during class time.  The resource can be accessed at any time and contains tutorials, quizzes, worked examples and of course heaps of questions to work through. At Campbell we also use the website MyMathsOnline to help further consolidate the learning in the classroom and provide your child with homework activities.  These can be set by the teacher or completed independently by your child without being explicitly set by the teacher.

Languages Curriculum

Head of Faculty: Ian Mongan

The languages curriculum at Campbell High School provides students with the opportunity to develop language proficiency through a four-year sequential program. This continuity allows our students to pursue college language studies at intermediate or advanced levels. Our courses are therefore a part of a continuum of language studies that may start in primary school and go through to university.   In years 7 and 8 students must study either French or Japanese.

Benefits of learning a language

  • allows us to communicate in the language learned
  • gives us a better understanding of how languages work, including English
  • helps us appreciate other cultures
  • promotes cross-cultural tolerance
  • broadens our career opportunities
  • enhances our intellectual development


We aim to provide opportunities to travel and learn in Japan, France and/or other French speaking destinations on a rotational basis.  Participation in these trips is not essential to student success in language learning as they are in addition to our curriculum.  However these trips give students an incentive to study because they can look forward to using the language in context at some stage whilst at Campbell High School.  Positions on the trips are sought after and students attending have a rich immersive cultural experience.


Our course is a fun, interactive course designed for high school students. It unfolds in a sequential manner that allows students to build on their acquired knowledge year after year. Students learn vocabulary and grammatical constructions through practical themes appropriate to their level.  Teachers design handouts and use online programs to supplement the vocabulary and grammar supplied in textbooks. Songs and short poems are used to teach pronunciation in an entertaining manner. The cultural assignments allow students the chance to "visit" France. They are taught how to organise their research, use the library resources and the internet to obtain current information and to take notes and record  bibliographical details.  Films provide an insight in the French way of life and sense of humour often establishing a valuable link with historical facts and often establish contexts.


The Japanese course is based on Obento and iiTomo textbooks. Each text is an up to date course specifically designed to appeal to Australian high school students. The hiragana script is taught immediately and students will be able to read and write hiragana within a few months. Supplementary resources such as CDs, videos, computer programs, games and worksheets enhance the learning process. Our students have a lot of fun trying out their language skills and making new friends. Students complete major cultural assignments using extensive online resources.  An understanding of Japan and Japanese culture is integral to our classes. The courses ensure progressive development following a familiar pattern and provide a solid basis for higher studies.

The study of Japanese in years 9 and 10 builds on the work completed in earlier years. The four semester units are sequential and students selecting Japanese are expected to study the language for a full year.  Students in Year 9 have the opportunity to visit Japan, experiencing school and living with a Japanese family while they are there.  Each year in August we receive a visit from our sister school in Japan, we invite Campbell High families to host a student.

English as Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

Students who come from non-English speaking backgrounds may be eligible for targeted English language lessons.  Enrolment into an EAL/D class is dependent upon a series of individual tests in four key areas of language acquisition: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each of these areas is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority documents related to language acquisition. In addition, length of time in an Australian school determines eligibility. Students, who undertake an EAL/D course to support their understanding and acquisition of Australian English, focus on developing their cross curriculum academic skills suitable for their age group.

Students are placed in classes of combined years 7 & 8 and years 9 & 10 groups. The classes are run on an elective line to support student learning in their core curriculum areas.

Formative assessment tasks and testing as prescribed by the ACT Education and Training Directorate   provides an accurate indication of student learning progression. Students are able to graduate from   EAL/D classes to choose electives after a parent/carer, teacher and student consultation process.

Students are encouraged and supported to participate in the numerous activities offered at Campbell High School. Opportunities are offered to the students to enable them to gain further understanding of Australian culture and society through excursions to places and events such as The Botanic Gardens, museums and other events as they arise.  Students proudly and actively maintain their mother language and culture and put these on display during events such as Harmony Day and NAIDOC week.

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