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Head of Faculty: Morgan Pyner

Science helps students develop a sense of wonder about the world around them, fosters an inquiring mind and equips them with the critical thinking skills to inform their own opinions.

Campbell High School participates in the Scientists in Schools program.  Every year we host a range of presentations from well known and respected scientists.

The Science curriculum at Campbell High is underpinned by a commitment to making science relevant and practical for all students. Course units are developed around the National Curriculum released by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Modules of work incorporate current topics and contain many opportunities to develop deep understandings and practical skills relating to the process of scientific investigation. By the end of year 10 students who have successfully completed science programs at Campbell High School will be well prepared for further study in science at college or CIT.

Students at Campbell High School will all study a core program of science from year 7 to year 10. Students in year 7 are grouped into like cohorts in science on the basis of information passed on from primary schools. All classes follow a common course of study with specialised support or extension as required..

In years 8, 9 and 10 the science program provides scope for students who have particular strengths and interests in science.

Extension opportunities are offered to students who have shown a significant interest in science and have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement in their previous year of study.

Students participating in science class


Students access a wide range of scientific equipment, current texts, computer hardware and software to support and enhance their learning in science. Students also use digital cameras, laptops and data loggers to digitally record practical activities and manipulate
experiment results into tables and graphs.

Students have opportunities to participate in a number of science competitions such as the Science Challenge, RACI's Australian National Chemistry Quiz and the Big Science Competition.  A variety of science enrichment options are offered to encourage student elective participation in chemistry, engineering and science competitions.

Year 7 - Australian Curriculum Science

Being a Scientist
Mixtures and Solutions
Classification and Ecology
The Earth in Space

Year 8 - Australian Curriculum Science

Body Systems
Rock Formation

Year 9 - Australian Curriculum Science

Atomic Theory
Chemical Reactions
Plate Tectonics
Waves, Heat and Electricity

Year 10 - Australian Curriculum Science

The Periodic Table
Reaction Rates
Conservation of Energy
Global Cycles
The Universe

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