Campbell High School

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Studies of Society and Environment ( SoSE)

Head of Faculty: Cara Shipp

Course Structure

All students at Campbell High School study a full year of SoSE.

In years 7-9, students study one semester of Australian Curriculum History, and a full semester of Australian Curriculum Geography.

Year 10 students study one semester of Australian Curriculum History, followed by one of the following elective subjects: History, Geography, Business Studies, Civics and Citizenship and Work Studies.

2016 is the sixth year that Year 7-10 Australian Curriculum History courses have been taught at Campbell High, providing our students with a detailed knowledge of world history from ancient times through to the modern day.

Since 2014, we have implemented Australian Curriculum Geography, replacing the ACT curriculum in this area. The focus across all year groups will be on giving students a working knowledge of geographical processes and sustainable living.

Year 7

  • The Ancient World
  • Water in the World
  • Place and Liveability

Year 8

  • Contact and conflict: the Medieval world
  • Landforms and Landscapes
  • Changing Nations: Urbanisation and Migration

Year 9

  • The Making of the Modern World
  • Biomes and Food Security
  • Geographies of Interconnections (Globalisation)

Year 10

  • The Modern World and Australia
  • Electives: Blockbuster Decades (History), Environmental Change/Geographies of Human Wellbeing (Geography), Civics and Citizenship, Business Studies, Work Studies
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