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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Better Schools For Our Kids: Technology Enabled Learning Initiative

Beginning in Term 1 of 2018 students from years 7-10 will be provided with a Chromebook device to assist with their studies for the 2018 school year and beyond; with subsequent releases to year 7 students from 2019-2020.

This will mean that as an ACT Public school student you will not have to purchase a BYOD Chromebook device.

Please follow the link below to find out more about the initiative and the rollout of devices.

Better Schools For Our Kids: Technology Enabled Learning Initiative Factsheet


BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and involves students bringing their own digital device to school as a learning tool. BYOD means that students are not limited to a single path of learning and a single pace of working, as the learning becomes more student centered.

Campbell High introduced a BYOD Policy in 2016 to connect students to our digital learning community. As we fully implement our BYOD program alongside the use of Google Apps for Education and Google Classrooms, we are requesting that all students currently in Years 7 and 8 participate in BYOD.

Campbell High, along with the ACT Education Directorate, is committed to providing students with reliable access to ICT so that learning can occur anywhere and at anytime.

For further information about Learn,Anywhere : ICT for Students, please visit the ACT Education Directorate's website.

2018 BYOD Reminder for Years 7 and 8 Students

Please remind your child to charge their Chromebook  at the end of each day and to pack it before they leave home.  The school  has a limited number of equity devices per faculty, therefore we are restricted to the number available when students fail to bring their device to school.

If your child is experiencing technical issues, our IT officer Jessica Eustace is available to help students with their computer issues.  She is located during break times in her office (F8) or in the Library during peak times - beginning of term or semester.

Jessica’s email address is

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