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Enrolling in an ACT Public School

All enrolments are to be submitted via the online enrolment form. This form is available on the Education Directorate's webpage.

The Initial enrolment consideration period opens for 2018 at 9:00am Wednesday 26th April, 2017, closing at 9:00am Monday 29th May, 2017.

More information can be found on the Education and Training Directorate's webpage,in the Education Participation (Enrolment and Attendance) Policy and in Campbell High's 2017-2018 School Enrolment Management Plan.

Please note: Campbell High accepts students from across the ACT and regional NSW. The majority of 'out of area' enrolments are accepted in the annual Year 7 intake each year. Additional information for NSW residents has been provided in a Message from the Principal.

Proof of Residence

The ACT Education Directorate has a requirement for the verification of student residential address.

At the time of enrolment, parents and carers are requested to provide contact details, such as residential address (place of living), phone details etc on the enrolment form. This requirement is twofold. Firstly to ensure that the school is able to contact parents and carers as required to undertake normal school business and secondly, to identify those students who are non-residents of the ACT so as to receive compensatory payments for the delivery of services. Without this information, the ACT may miss out on some of its funding entitlements from the Australian Government.

For all students, at the time of enrolment, evidence of residential address has to be provided.

Acceptable proof of residential address includes and electricity account, tenancy agreement, or similar. Statutory declarations are not acceptable.

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