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Enrolling in an ACT Public School

Information regarding enrolment in an ACT Public School is available from the Education Directorate's website.

NSW Residents please refer to additional information regarding pathways schools.

All applications must be submitted via the on-line application form.

Timeline and Information regarding Year 7, 2019 enrolment.

FAQ on Priority Enrolment Areas.

2019 Campbell High Welcome Handbook

Proof of Residence

The ACT Education Directorate has a requirement for the verification of student residential address.

At the time of enrolment, parents and carers are required to provide contact details, such as residential address (place of living) and phone details as indicated on the on-line  enrolment application form. This requirement is twofold.

Firstly your entitlement to priority enrolment in a school is determined from your address on the enrolment form. You are only guaranteed enrolment at a school if you live in a school's PEA and your residential address can be confirmed by the School. Secondly, to ensure that the school is able to contact parents and carers as required to undertake normal school business.

For all students, at the time of enrolment, evidence of residential address has to be provided.

Acceptable proof of residential address includes rates notice/tenancy agreement and a current electricity account.

Schools have been asked by our central Enrolment Policy area to ensure that people who provide Statutory Declarations are aware that under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 it is an offence to make a false statement in a statutory declaration, punishable by a prison term. This is explained on the form itself.  The Directorate carries out compliance checks on student residency which may include spot audits of statutory declarations and proof of residence documentation.  It is open to the Directorate to refer suspect cases to the AFP for further investigation.

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