Campbell High School

An ACT Public School


Campbell High students reached the following achievements in 2015:


ICAS Writing Comp

38 Participants

4 Distinctions

15 Credits

3 Merits

ICAS English Comp

58 Participants

5 High Distinctions

15 Distinctions

French and Japanese

ACER Assessment of Language Competence

32 participants

ACER Assessment of Language Competence Certificate 3 (Year 10)

Alice M (2 x Participations)

Clare T (Distinction & Credit)

Imogen B (2 x Credits)

James C (2 x Participation)

Lara S (Credit and Participation)

ACER Assessment of Language Competence Certificate 2 (Year 9)

Elisabeth D (Credit & Distinction)

Elizabeth C (Participation & Credit)

Kate W (2 x Credits)

Madeline J (2 x Credits)

Marli H (Participation and Credit)

Olivia W (Credit & Distinction)

Patrick M (2 x Credits)

Peter A (2 x Participations)

Sophira B (2 x Credits)

Supipi R (Credit & Distinction)

ACER Assessment of Language Competence Certificate 1 (Year 8)

Alexis M (Distinction)

Asha A (Distinction)

Ben K (Participation)

Celeste M (Credit)

Claire A (Credit)

Chloe S (Credit)

Christina P (Credit)

Dylan M (Participation)

Elizabeth A (Credit)

Hunter V (Credit)

Matthew D (Credit)

Peter R (Credit)

Phuong Mai C (High Distinction)

Tilda B (Distinction)

World Championships Language Perfect

Christina P (Gold)

Clare T (Bronze)

Imogen B (Credit)

Kat G (Elite)

Katharina I (Silver)

Nicholas G (Gold)

Patrick M (Credit)

Sophie H (Credit)

Sophira B (Silver)

Steph S (Gold)

Tilda B (Bronze)


ACT Regional Maths & Science Challenge

3rd overall (Team: Giaan K, Nathan G, Sarah M)

Year 10 Maths Day

2nd overall scoring 189/230 (Team: Imogen B - Captain, Emily B, Jim K, Jonah M, Lily H)

Informatics and Mathematics Competitions

Shae K (High Distinction)

Angela K (Distinction)

Benjamin H (Distinction)

Hunter V (Distinction)

Imogen B (Distinction)

Isaac M (Distinction)

Jessica K (Distinction)

Jonah M (Distinction)

Katharina I (Distinction)

Kho A (Distinction)

Matilda W (Distinction)

Matthew H (Distinction)

Michelle H (Distinction)

Nikolay M (Distinction)

Patrick M (Distinction)

Rainer J (Distinction)

Shae K (Distinction)

Sophie H (Distinction)

Tahli M (Distinction)

Tristan B (Distinction)

Vicky D (Distinction)


Australian National Chemistry Quiz

Patrick M (High Distinction)

Phuong Mai C (High Distinction)

Matthew H (High Distinction)

Tahli M (High Distinction)

6 Distinctions

6 Credits

Australian Science Innovations Big Science Comp

Isaac M (High Distinction)

Lucia Sarah H (High Distinction)

Dakota C (High Distinction)

Elizabeth C (High Distinction)

Marli H (High Distinction)

Matthew H (High Distinction)

Tristan B (High Distinction)

13 Distinctions

14 Credits


Geography Competition

22 participants

History Competition

26 participants

Prithvi S received highest score in ACT

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