Campbell High School

An ACT Public School

School Organisation

School Reports

  • Progress reports are issued in Terms 1 and 3.
  • Semester reports are issued in Terms 2 and 4.

School Hours

  • School day: 8.57am–3.05pm
  • Long Break: 11.10–11.45am
  • Short Break: 1.35–2.10pm

The Campbell High School Timetable

  • The start time of 8.57am and finish time of 3.05pm
  • Compass Group will still occur each morning
  • The short 38min lessons have been removed as they were found to be less conducive to learning than other lesson lengths
  • Every class will have three lessons per week (2 x 55mins and 1 x 70mins) allowing for significant ‘deep learning’ over the long lesson in every subject
  • Not more than a one day break between lessons for each class so that students don’t ‘lose the train of thinking’
  • There is no change to the overall teaching time per class – this is simply a newly organised timetable that will allow us to support our students in their learning and in their development
  • Morning and Afternoon Breaks are (35 mins and 35 mins) to allow for an extended Friday break for support and extra curricula activities – this means our students can participate in market days, sports competitions, celebrations, fundraisers and performances over the year without taking time away from other learning. Our data shows that this has also reduced the number of students engaging in poor choice making and/or becoming anxious over break times.
  • A weekly Compass class provides additional pastoral support for every student – this was previously only able to take place once per fortnight
  • Assembly time accommodates whole school assemblies, year group assemblies and house meetings – allowing for students to spend more time with different groups, developing the culture they want to be part of across our school
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