Library iResources

The school library serves as an information services hub providing support for and obtaining subscriptions to a variety of applications for students of Campbell High School (and often for their families as well).

The services can be used from home but the school credentials (username and password) for each service are only available from the library.

OLIVER Federated Search

ALL of the following digital resources are best accessed using the OLIVER Federated Search.

As well as searching our library collections the federated search allows students to search all of our digital resources and more. OLIVER can also be started from the Digital Backpack.

Digital Resources for the Library and Classroom


Britannica Online Encyclopaedia

Britannica® School offers alternate pathways to learning, providing classrooms with interactive, visually engaging resources that support collaborative learning styles. Activities, games and research tools provide students and teachers with resources necessary for 21st century learning.

InfoBase Databases

It is important for students to research a variety of sources, and this is made apparent in the National Curriculum across all subjects. In addition to web pages, online encyclopaedia and books it is important for students to access online Data Bases.

Campbell students have access to the following InfoBase Databases:

iconAncient and Medieval History

Presents the full scope of world history from prehistory through the 1500s, with special topic centers on key civilizations and regions.

iconModern World History

Covers the broad expanse of world history from the mid-15th century to the present, featuring thousands of documents, articles, timelines, images, videos, and maps.

Science & Mathematics

iconScience Online

Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive essays, videos, diagrams, definitions, biographies, and experiments.

ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for Primary and Secondary schools, which are accessible through our BYOD-friendly video platform.

Students can access educational videos at school and at home on their own and on school devices. This resource is in the Digital Backpack but is best accessed via OLIVER federated search.

At Campbell we use the Harvard system of referencing.The BSSS handbook "What's plagiarism? How you can avoid it" contains comprehensive information including examples on Harvard bibliographies and in-text citations. This will assist students in the creation of essays, scientific reports and articles.

We also instruct students in the use of the "Cite This For Me" web page. It is a tool designed to help students prepare their whole bibliography or reference list quickly and easily. APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, Vancouver, plus thousands of other referencing styles are all supported. With a simple, sophisticated design, Cite This For Me can assist students of all ages and education levels.