Online Parent Teacher Interviews


1) Log in to your PTO account (detail in the email sent on Thursday 1 April). You will see a list of appointments with teachers.

2) Click on the link to join.

3) You will be taken to a webpage with options on how to join the Teams Meeting.

4) When you are ready to join you will be asked to type in your name and check your camera & microphone settings. Please use the name used in PTO so teachers can cross check times.

You can toggle the cam & microphone on & off. Having these switched off while you are in the lobby will help reduce bandwidth use.

5) After you click Join now you will be placed in the lobby. At the start of your appointment the teacher will admit you into the Meeting.

Appointments are 5 minutes long and around the 3-minute mark the teacher will let you know that the appointment is nearing the finish. They will have the next parent waiting.

You can also download a PDF of these Online Parent Teacher Interview instructions.