The canteen is open every school day for breakfast, lunch and recess. Please see the Winter/Spring menu!

Breakfast is served from 8.30–8.55am.

Students are encouraged to pre-order their lunch at the canteen counter before 8.55am.

Students with pre-ordered lunches have a separate pick up area and are served faster.

Break 1 begins at 11.01am. The canteen offers a selection of freshly prepared and cooked meals.

Break 2 begins at 1.42pm. The canteen offers a smaller selection of food. Students can pre-order their food for recess to avoid waiting in line.

Daily specials and seasonal food are also advertised on the digital noticeboard in the canteen area.

For special dietary requirements, it is recommended to pre-order meals or see Hazel to discuss your order.

Nutrition Australia has assessed the canteen's menu using the traffic light system in accordance with the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines.