Campbell High School supports all students through the stages of schooling and beyond to further education, training and/or employment. If you would like more information about the careers program at Campbell please email Campbell HS Careers.

Programs provided by Campbell High School to encourage students to explore the world or work include:

Workplace Learning

The purpose of workplace learning is to provide guidance for students in the transition from school to working life and to enable students to test tentative career choices against the realities of the workplace.

Workplace learning forms part of a student’s broad career development and can be linked to a specific course of study. Workplace learning is available to students in Years 9 and 10.

Online Pathway Planning

Pathways is designed to be used by young people with the support of their teachers, careers advisors, youth workers, community service case managers and other adults who support young people to plan for their future. Students at Campbell High will explore and create pathway plans during pastoral care sessions. Pathway Plans can be accessed through the pathways website and can provide students with the opportunity to develop their career management competencies to support their transition to their next education setting and/or post secondary school option, including work and/or further education and training.

Vocational Learning Opportunities

Vocational learning Options (VLOs) are short career education and vocational learning programs offered to students in Years 9 and 10 with the aim to connect students with their school, community, learning and the world of work. VLOs focus on achieving outcomes for students that lead to better futures, successful learning, personal growth and wellbeing, recognition from community and contribution to the community.

School Based Apprenticeships

An Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBAs) is an apprenticeship which can be started whilst at school, this option is open to Year 10 students. This is a great career option, allowing young Australians to commence training for a vocational qualification and earn a wage whilst at school. If this is something that may be of interest, Campbell High can support your child through this process.