Supporting Students with Disabilities

Supporting Students with Disabilities

Head of Faculty: Rebecca Gill

Campbell High provides a range of programs to support students with disabilities. These programs are centrally resourced by Disability Education and all applications for these programs are managed by the Education Directorate through Disability Education .

The two main support programs provided at Campbell High are the Inclusion Support Program and the Learning Studio.

Inclusion Support Program

The Inclusion Support Program (ISP) is aimed at supporting students in their mainstream class on a full time basis. Students are provided with support through individualised adjustments and programs to support their particular needs.

The Learning Studio

The Campbell High School Learning Studio (LS) provides support for students with an intellectual or developmental disability (such as autism). There are dedicated teachers and learning support assistants as well as a specifically designed resource room. In addition to supporting students with intellectual or learning disabilities, the Learning Studio also provides opportunities for identified mainstream students to access and benefit from specialised learning programs.

The main focus of the LS is to provide inclusive learning opportunities, support and guidance to both teachers and students with a focus on social, personal, and academic skills. Our staff promote an inclusive, calm, and structured environment using a number of strategies and programs to support student learning.

Staff work collaboratively with parents and the wider school community to foster productive working relationships to ensure individual student success. Students have the opportunity to access mainstream classes, benefit from targeted intervention programs, and positively contribute to the wider school community. We believe that it is important to work with student's strengths, identify areas for improvements in learning and set clear goals to ensure student success.