Remote Learning Expectations

Remote Learning Expectations

Remote learning overview

Remote learning overview video

Sign in to remote learning each morning

Each morning your contact teacher will have set for you a ‘question task’ on your contact/COMPASS Google Classroom that you will need to submit as if you were signing each day for contact.

If you do not submit this to your contact teacher, you will be marked absent from remote learning for that day. This needs to be completed by 10.30am each day.

Your teachers will remind you during the first period to sign in through your Contact/COMPASS Google Classroom each morning.

Monday mornings 9.00–10.30am

During this Monday Compass/planning session you will be expected to undertake three tasks:

  1. Reply to the check in communication from your contact teacher if you have not done this in the last five days.
  2. Spend around 25–35 minutes completing the Compass session set for the week.
  3. Refer to your Google Classroom ‘To do’ list and plan to complete any ongoing work.

Subject Lines A-G

Each teaching line is scheduled twice per week. Each period is allocated 90 minutes. During these times you can expect a combination of the following:

Any content that your teacher delivers in a live stream will also be recorded and posted for you to view later. You should let your teacher know if you cannot attend the live version for any reason. Think of this like providing an absence note if you couldn’t attend school.

What is expected of me?

Below is a list of expectations Campbell High School has of you as an engaged and productive learner:

How to set up my home learning space?

To maximise your learning, it is helpful to set yourself up a designated ‘learning space’. Your ‘learning space’ should be a place where you are able to comfortably and productively complete your school work.

Below are some points on how to set up your ‘learning space’:

The following information is to be used as a guide for online written communication with your teachers and peers during this remote learning period. 

1. Be respectful

It is important to remember that your classmates and teachers are real people who are affected by the words you say and write. It is essential to keep in mind the feelings and opinions of others. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online either.

2. Be aware of strong language, all caps, and exclamation points

It is easy for written text to be misread and misunderstood. By being mindful of the language we use, we can identify any confusion before sending messages. Read everything out loud before you send it.

3. Be careful with humour and sarcasm

We love to see your personality shine through in online classes. Many of our teachers are exceptionally funny too. But like Rule #2, make sure that it is clear you are being funny and not being rude. Emoticons and smileys can be helpful when conveying humor or sarcasm so that it is read correctly.

4. Grammar and spelling matter

While texting, textspeak can b gr8 4 ur friends. At school and online we should be keeping it formal.

5. Don’t post or share (even privately) inappropriate material

Enough said there.

6. Be forgiving

Remember that not everyone will know these rules before posting. Try to be understanding of others, it is very different than simply talking to a person face-to-face.