Remote Learning FAQs

Campbell High School Remote Learning FAQs

Will the school be providing a year-level coordinated approach to learning?

We are aware that it is unrealistic to expect students to be able to maintain the similar output in a home learning environment, as they would in a school-based learning environment. Staff are aware of the need to modify content volume where appropriate, however we will be monitoring this closely, and will be relying on student and parent feedback to ensure we cater for the needs of each child. Please do not hesitate to contact class teachers to advise of any concerns about your child's workload.

What is my responsibility as a parent in these times? Do I need to be supervising work, sitting down and doing work with my child, or just making sure they log into Google Classrooms at the appointed times?

It is the role of the teacher to continue to provide education and there is no expectation for parents to become home educators. We will continue to highly value the parent school relationship and encourage regular connection with teachers.

Asking your child the following questions each day are a great way to show support and stay connected to their learning:

Regular check-ins throughout the day may also be appropriate. We also encourage parents to provide feedback to the school on the appropriateness of the volume of work for the student. This balance is very different for every child. As a general rule, workload should not be impacting on wellbeing.

Where should students sit to do their work?

Generally students should be in a comfortable, quiet space ideally where they can be supervised. The link below provides a checklist distributed by the ACT Education Directorate that provides some guidance.

What is a reasonable period for teachers to respond to student questions?

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time during the allocated class times, however when offline, it is reasonable to expect a response from teachers within 24 hours. Please advise the school if you have any concerns about communication protocols on

Will teachers do a roll call at the start time of each class?

The roll marking procedures will include a daily check in via the Compass Group Google Classroom. Student indicate their attendance by submitting the simple daily question. Parents will be notified each day through SMS if their child is absent. Additionally, class teachers will be monitoring students' participation and communicating any concerns to parents.

Will the 90 minute sessions include any in-class assessment activities?

Assessment will continue to take on many forms in the remote learning environment. Teachers will be using various modes of teaching to provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning. The purpose of assessment is to provide feedback to students, parents and staff to allocate resources to differentiate learning.

The allocated lesson times in the Remote Learning Timetable are provided as a guide to a regular routine, and to indicate times when the specific class teacher is available for direct communication. We understand however, that family dynamics do not always run to a timetable and being a flexible model, students are able to access all course material (including recorded video and discussions) at a later time.

I’m concerned that the timetable from home doesn’t offer enough breaks and has a high expectation of the students staying engaged for long periods outside of the classroom settings. Will teachers be teaching most of the time or will it be more self-directed learning?

We have designed a timetable that we believe provides the greatest flexibility to cater for the different needs for students and families. Although our lessons have 90 minutes allocated to them, students are not expected to be involved in coursework for this duration. Actual lesson content volume will vary considerably, however typically direct instruction and activity will be approximately 45 minutes with some optional extension activities. There is an expectation that these lessons will also include activities prioritising social connection and wellbeing.

The lines on the timetable ie A, B, C etc relate to the student’s classes. All students have also this week been sent a personalised timetable listing their enrolled classes.

What do the kids do when they feel frustrated or overwhelmed by a topic or task? Any tips or suggestions about where & how to reach out would be great.

We certainly do not want to cause or contribute to a student's or family's anxiety and frustrations. The volume and complexity of work is received differently by all students at different times. If ever work is impacting negatively on student wellbeing, we ask that the school is notified immediately. This can be done through:

How can a parent see what is due etc or happening through the remote classroom?

Parents can see what is due or happening through Google Guardian email summaries.

We recommend that parents select the daily email over the weekly emails for the latest information happening in Google Classroom. We recommend that parents use a personal email address for Google Guardian and not a work email address due to email filtering rules that are set by employers.

If you do not have access to Google Guardian, please speak with your child’s Contact or classroom teacher. If you are having issues with Google Guardian please first refer to the Google Guardian help centre. If you wish to change the email address for your Google Guardian email summary, in the first instance please contact your child’s Contact teacher, if you are experiencing further Google Guardian issues please email

Further questions?

If you would like to ask a different question, please fill in our remote learning question form.