The Warrumbul Centre

The Warrumbul Centre, An alternative learning space:

The Warrumbul Centre Program for Excellence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

Campbell High School acknowledges the richness and contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Australia and in our school.  We are situated on Ngunnawal Country, nestled at the base of Mt Ainslie, an important Women’s Site for the Ngunnawal People.

Our Warrumbul Centre is a learning hub for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students and seeks to develop every child as a learner and contributor to our community.

The Model for the Program

Based on a model of respect and cultural integrity, this class challenges our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to achieve their best, aspire for excellence, and connect with each other and the Canberra community. Our students become leaders and role models in the community and access pathways to further education and employment after school. Learning includes yarning circles, outdoor activities connecting with the land, hands-on and art-based activities. This is supported in the research as best practice in education and is outlined as part of an Aboriginal pedagogy described by Tyson Yunkaporta and developed by Central Western NSW Schools called 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning. Students participate in project-based learning, including field trips to relevant community sites or organisations and ultimately, connection to a mentor in their field of interest within the Canberra community.Students also participate in and coordinate student designed and lead Reconciliation assembly, whole school Indigenous COMPASS lessons, NAIDOC week mural and associated lessons and Northside Indigenous Cluster day.

CES Literacy and Numeracy Support Program

This program is part of our Continuum of Education Support model (CES) which aims to address the specific academic needs of our students and falls under the faculty of Warrumbul, an alternative learning space.

The Model for the Program

This intensive literacy and numeracy support program has two focuses; targeted teaching and support with mainstream work and tasks. Students are identified for support from a range of data and student feedback. Students participating in the program will complete an initial diagnostic test (pre-test), which will be delivered through an online platform called Essential Assessment. Specific data received from the pre-test will then be used to plan delivery of content targeted to your students individual ability and needs. Teachers will also be available during the allocated times on the remote delivery timetable to support and guide students through other classes content, tasks and assignments.

CIT Industry Pathways Course

The Industry Pathways Course is a vocational training program empowering Year 9 and 10 students in the ACT to make informed choices about their future education and employment

The Model for the Program

The course focuses on a unique student experience and is based on the 'jobs without genders' premise that there should be no limits or boundaries to a student's chosen career path. Throughout the program students are provided with three work placement opportunities selected from a range of occupations in high skills need areas for the Canberra Region - including STEM, trades, professional services and community services.