Gifted and Talent Program

Gifted and Talented Program

The Campbell High School Gifted and Talented program operates across all year levels.

Campbell High School recognises the unique learning needs of gifted and talented students. Our goal is to nurture their academic abilities, developing their logic and critical thinking skills through enrichment opportunities in mathematics, ethics and other external competitions.

Gifted and talented students are provided opportunities to interact with like-minded peers. Together they create a progressive learning environment where they are able to maintain their interest in intellectual pursuits and advance their academic capacities.

The following programs offer such opportunities:

Maths Enrichment

This program is offered by the Australian Maths Trust. Students undertaking this challenge will invest one lesson per week for six months to independently solve 12–16 maths problems.

Ethics Olympiad

Students in the ethics discussion group will study ethical theories, how to construct arguments and think critically about ethical dilemmas. A team of five students are chosen to compete in the Ethics Olympiad competition. In 2020 our Campbell team won a silver medal in the ACT regional middle school Ethics Olympiad competition.

Da Vinci Decathlon

This is an academic competition testing students’ subject-specific knowledge in mathematics, science, engineering, cartography, code breaking, English, ideation, drama, art and poetry. A team of eight students work collaboratively over several weeks to compete against other high school teams.

Tournament of Minds

This competition challenges students in areas of arts, languages and literature, social sciences and STEM. A team of seven students work collaboratively over several weeks to solve open-ended, authentic problems. Their solutions are presented through a performance to a panel of judges and an audience.