Welcome from the Campbell High School P&C

The main role of the Campbell High School P&C is to promote parent participation in the school and to provide strong positive community support by encouraging parents to be involved in various ways. At CHS the P&C performs the following roles:

  • operates the Canteen which provides significant funds to enhance school facilities
  • provides a focal point for parent/school discussion and feedback
  • organises social events to build the school community.

Not only does the CHS canteen provide recess and lunch for students, any surplus funds are channeled back to the school in the form of P&C grants. Every year each faculty may apply for a P&C grant to fund equipment or support for a program. Some examples of recent beneficiaries are:

  • Library - substantial refurbishment, Kobo readers, technology support
  • Maths - MyMaths online package and license, mobile data projectors and accessories
  • Science - Stereo microscopes, textbooks and storage facilities
  • SOSE - Mobile data projector and accessories, facilities upgrade
  • English - Mobile data projectors and accessories, eReaders for the literacy program
  • Sports - netball uniforms, CLASSIC program Greatest Athlete competition, heart rate monitors, table tennis equipment
  • Arts - Musical instruments for the band program, Music Recording Studio, Stop Motion Pro software
  • Learning Support Unit - Interactive White Board
  • Technology - cooking  equipment
  • Vocational - White Card Training
  • Student Wellbeing - Mental Health first aid course for parents,
  • Seasons for Growth student program
  • Industrial toaster for Breakfast Club

The P&C caters for the Meet the Teachers evening in Term 1 and the CHS Open Night in Term 2.

The P&C meets on the Monday of week 4 and week 8 in Terms 1, 2 and 3 and on the Monday of week 3 and week 7 in Term 4.  Meetings commence at 7:00pm in the conference room (enter through front office) and they are open to all parents and carers affiliated with the school.  Meetings consist of reports from each of the sub committees, a report from the school principal on significant happenings in the school and other general conversation about any other Campbell High School issues. It provides an opportunity for parents to raise issues and ask questions.

P&C Committee Semester 2 2022:

President - Stephen Dixon-Jain

Vice President - Jane McIntyre

Treasurer - Trudy Green

Secretary - Sarah Dinning

If you would like to be included in the P&C email distribution list please forward your details to campbellhspandc@gmail.com.

Please think about how you can be involved in various school activities.

The P&C is affiliated to the ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations.

P & C Minutes

P&C Meeting Minutes Tuesday 1 November 2022 pdfsmall (164.1 KB)

P&C AGM Minutes 22 June 2022 pdfsmall (212.3 KB)

P&C Meeting Minutes 17 May 2022 pdfsmall (141.8 KB)

P&C AGM Minutes - 23 Jun 21 pdfsmall (502.8 KB)

P&C AGM Minutes - 15 Jun 20 pdfsmall (130.5 KB)

P&C Meeting - 24 Feb 19 pdfsmall (144.5 KB)

P&C Minutes - 25 Nov 19 pdfsmall (120.3 KB)

P&C Minutes - 28 Oct 19 pdfsmall (144.5 KB)

P&C Minutes - 9 Sep 19 pdfsmall (141.2 KB)

P&C Minutes - 12 Aug 19 pdfsmall (142.6 KB)

P&C Minutes - 12 Jun 19 pdfsmall (146.3 KB)

P&C Minutes - 22 May 19 pdfsmall (140.2 KB)

P&C Minutes - 25 Feb 19 pdfsmall (155.3 KB)

P&C AGM Minutes - 25 Mar 19 pdfsmall (120.2 KB)

P&C Minutes - 22 May 19 pdfsmall (139.5 KB)

P&C minutes 22-11-18 pdfsmall (551.1 KB)

Treasurer report Aug 2018 pdfsmall (438.8 KB)

P&C minutes 13-8-18 pdfsmall (132.7 KB)

P&C minutes 18-6-18 pdfsmall (124.2 KB)

P&C minutes 21-5-18 pdfsmall (126.7 KB)