Emergency Management

Campbell High School Emergency Management Plan

One of our major responsibilities as a staff is to provide "duty of care" for our students. Campbell High School has an Emergency Management Plan.  The principal and staff are prepared to make prompt and responsible decisions in any situation.

The need to close a school and evacuate the students before the regularly scheduled closing time could arise from a relatively minor emergency such as a prolonged interruption of power or from a major event such as a fire, earthquake, or severe storm.  At times, communication and/or transportation may be disrupted.  In the event of a major disaster information will be disseminated in a number of ways, including:

  • Broadcast by local radio and television stations
  • Published in the local newspapers and, as possible, posted on the school website

Campbell High School Release Policy

  • No student will be dismissed from school unless a parent (or individual designated by a parent) comes for him/her
  • No student will be allowed to leave with another person, even a relative or carer, unless we have written permission or that particular person is listed on the student's Registration or Emergency Medical Release Form in our office and is able to identify him/herself
  • All parents or designated persons who come for students must sign out at the office or from the alternate release location. Signs will be posted if this alternate location is required

We are prepared to care for your student in emergency situations.  If you are not able to reach the school, we will care for your student until you or an authorised person arrives.  We have a number of staff members with first aid training, and we will be in communication with local emergency services.  In case of an emergency we ask for your help in the following ways:

  • Do not call the school.  It is essential that telephone lines are open for emergency calls
  • Stay tuned in to the local radio or television for updated developments
  • Avoid traffic congestion at the school by not driving immediately to the school.  The school access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles

During the school year your child will be trained in the necessary emergency procedures.  He/she will learn how to react, where to assemble, and what to expect in an emergency situation.  If you have any questions or comments about our emergency preparations, please call the office on (02) 6142 3166.